Improve plant nutrition
Natural fertilizers supply plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N-P-K), which help lawns and plants create rich color and deep roots. In addition, N-P-K promotes vigorous growth, which improves disease and stress resistance.


Produce high yields and quality growth by stimulating biological activity in the soil.


The most cost-effective organic turf solution.

Home & Garden

Create a landscape to enjoy without using products that contain harmful chemicals.

Why Organic Fertilizers Outperform Chemical Fertilizers

Traditional lawn fertilization practices certainly cause surface and groundwater pollution, but banning the application of certain nutrients is not the answer.


What You Should Know About Fertilizer Numbers

27-3-3, 6-12-0, 8-8-8, 4-3-3; fertilizer numbers are becoming more and more confusing as an increasing array of chemicals, designed to solve every agricultural problem, flood the market. What do these numbers mean and what should they mean to the farmer or gardener seeking to increase yield while reducing the use of traditional agricultural chemicals?
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